Thursday, June 28, 2007

america was wrong...

when they voted to keep cedric and shauna.

the judges were wrong to keep neil and lose jesus. i don't like neil and i like him less now that jesus is gone.

after jessie's first three dances with her partner that were amazing - i don't think she should be leaving for her dance for her life. it should have been lauren or sarah.

this was a terrible terrible results show.


M-How said...

i agree. I was crushed that jesus left. One of my favourites. Cedric was lucky this week...can't believe he's still here since the judges have made it clear he shouldn't be anymore.

sheesh. can you believe we have to wait 2 weeks for more dancing???

I'm not going to lie to you, Josh & I talked about staying home from Mexico so we wouldn't miss any episodes (he digs the show too).

Bec Shulba said...

wait...why do we have to wait 2 weeks? what?

ang said...

Dang the time difference, I'm reading this mid-show. Total spoiler for us pacific islanders!

judy macd said...

yup.. 2 weeks between shows.. something about July 4th landing on a Wednesday.. seems to be an important day or something in the US of A :)

therachel said...

For starters, I agree, with everything you've written. Me and my SYTYCD buddy Jenny were SHOCKED when Cat announced that Ced and Shauna were through. Then we were outraged when the judges sent Jessi home. Jenny wants Pasha and Jessi to make dancing babies, and we both almost died when Jessi commented "Pasha is my pretend boyfriend," as though she wished he was her REAL bf. Oh geez, and when she was leaving, saying she'd "remember Pasha the most." Killed us.

Nigel was clearly annoyed that Cedric and Shauna were not in the bottom three. I definitely think Sarah or Lauren should've gone home...and the Neil thing. I'm getting the feeling that Neil and Lauren don't actually like each other - before they danced on Wednesday, all the clips that were shown just seemed to evidence animosity btw. these two.

A horrifying show indeed.

PS - Megan, it's called a VCR. Or find someone with PVR. I know the show is awesome, but c''s Mexico!

therachel said...

and yes, 2 weeks wait it is - Cat announced at the very end that the show would be back on July 11 - b/c next Wed is the 4th - big celebration day for the Americans. Hopefully this will give the dancers time to rest a bit.

Becky said...

Ok - I'm totally jumping into the conversation. (Hi Bec - I'm a total creeper on your blog but I feel like we almost know each other through Rach)

Such a disappointing night. Lauren should have gone home - her solo was crap. Jessi has been amazing in all of her dances and it's just not really going to do it for me seeing Pasha and Sara dance together.

Neil - he's a great dance but I don't know how far he'll go. And Cedric - total shocker but what can you expect from America. The judges make their opinion known and then Americans jump to their defense not even listening to truth. Ugh.

Maybe 2 weeks will be good to ease my anger.

Nice to read all your thoughts though :)

Becky B

Alyssa said...

Wow, it was a shocking and horrifying show. I am also heartbroken about Jesus... should have been Cedric and Shauna. Why don't the judges have a veto for when America is stupid! Cedric totally just got the pity votes last night... and now we have to watch another painfull dance with him in it.

I feel like Jessi was kicked off because of her health and not her solo... so sad to break her up from her boyfriend Pasha... they would make beautiful dance babies together.

M-How said...

oh rachel. I was joking. And yes it is Mexico & it is our honeymoon.

of course we'll get it taped:)