Wednesday, June 20, 2007

one more thought...

tomorrow the plan for the day is to start with one of my famous auctions with the kids. man, there are some good things to buy. then we're going to have a suprise happy un-birthday party with cupcakes that i managed not to burn during the show tonight. THEN we're going to clean out the desks and pull everything off the walls. we're going to keep working on our "scrapbook project" which they're pumped about but it's really just a writing assignment. AND we have extra long p.e. tomorrow because i forgot my tennis unit and have tried to make up for it today and tomorrow.

i LOVE the last week of school!

2 more days.


Jamie said...

Wow you are amazing - just minutes after the show and there is the report card already!

We loved it too. To me it seemed like the Paso Doble would be the toughest technically (but what do I really know) so altho Queen was a surprise, I thought that guy literally nailed it - every step of the way.

The new hip hop choreographer! You are right on that one - Just great routines that had new elements not just the same old/same old.

Not a fan of Danny (the viennese waltz) altho I admit they did an awesome job on it! ("Your hands were doing a whole other dance there")

I just wanted Cedric to stop. Too painful to watch-the Russian girl must be ready to petition for a new partner.

And how can we get Cat to stop accenting her accent so heavily? She lays it on pretty thick.

Judy has spoken - Hok and Jaimie are in danger...

ang said...

domi and I practiced that viennese waltz spin, (the one where she stands on one leg and leans back and he runs around her), as soon as the show ended.

therachel said...

I LOVE that J & J are giving their input - you guys are awesome! I agree with Judy...though I think Jaime is in more danger than in, they'll likely end up in the bottom 3, but she'll be the one sent home, along with Cedric.

M-How (only for 22 more days) said...

can't wait for tonight! I have so many favourites, it's going to be hard as the numbers begin to dwindle.

Jesus (Mexican guy) really knew what he was doing in the Paso Doble, must just be in his latino blood:)

I can tell you also who I could do w/out - Danny & Anya. Don't mind Anya, but Danny is too much for & this is 2 weeks in a row I didn't like their music, too mainstream I guess.

PS. Where can I can the SYTYCD sweats & shirt that Shauna & Jimmy were wearing??