Wednesday, June 20, 2007

it's that time again...

i apologize to those of you reading who do NOT watch SYTYCD but i just cannot help but post again after tonight's episode. it's what happens when you watch your favourite show ever all by yourself! haha.

WOW! i love this show. but no more love fest...let's get down to business.


kudos to the russians this season. i feel like last season, stanoslav didn't show a lot of personality which i chalked up to culture BUT...faina and pascha? they're really giving it a shot to show some spunk and fun. good job.

i was liking some of the new choreographers. this hip hop guy was a refreshing change from shane sparks. they all really brought it with their music choices this week. i felt a little like mia with the confusion on the paso doble music though...queen? it was definitley living on the edge.

predictions for bottom three:

> hok & jaimie: i thought hok was awesome tonight considering the guy's own dance style but man, that girl is bringing him down. she is so annoying. gotta go.

> faina & cedric: i know cedric is phenomenal but only at his own thing. (from what we've seen) i think faina has the potential to stay around a little longer.

> shauna & danny: after the "frumpy dress" comment from nigel last week, i thought she was looking hot tonight. and i didn't think she was holding back - she did some big moves. i don't think they should be in the bottom 3 but someone's gotta be there, right?

unexpected feelings:

(1) my instant new love for dominic. wow, he didn't hold back. contemporary looks so difficult with all flowy but fast, hard movements. he was awesome and so was sabre. i can't wait for their next dance. (2) my apathy towards lacey and cameron's dance. yeah, good. not phenomenal. maybe it was the style. (3) my disdain for mia michaels' outfit. did she know she was going to be on camera tonight? pull your sweater up. don't wear spaghetti straps. i do love her hair though.

confession: i tape the shows so i can watch them again.


Alyssa said...

So so so so sad to be at work tonight and MISSING the show. Thanks to this recap though, I almost feel I've watched it:)

therachel said...

ohhhh Bec. I love that you tape the shows in order to re-watch them. Love it! You're my heroine. Tonight should be interesting...I agree that Jamie has to go, and I think the guy getting sent home will be Cedric as well...