Thursday, June 21, 2007


man, today i was in michaels and there were these two girls at customer service who were so outright unfriendly and unhelpful. both of them were helping one woman sign up for a class (explaining that a "mosaic box" was a "stone box" and "i don't know how else to explain it!") and when the one girl turned around and made eye-contact with me, she didn't smile or say, "i'll be right with you". she just looked away. i'd been overcharged for something and had brought it back to have it refunded. when they DID finally help me, they were skeptical (which i can understand because people can be dumb with returns) but when it turned out that i HAD been overcharged, there was no apology...just an annoyed-ness about it all. never was a smile given. she refunded that WHOLE amount onto my debit and then i had to RE-purchase the item. 2 debit transactions? "it's the only way it can be done." by this time, it was macdonald stare & a "hunh." (you know what it sounds like)

am i the only one who writes comment emails to companies for poor customer service? i just feel strongly about smiling.

did i ever tell you the mcdonald's drive-through phone call to the manager. haha.

okay...maybe i'm too uptight.


therachel said...

haven't heard the McD's story...sounds like a gooder though. Also, interesting story about Michael's, but what I really want to know is...what are your thoughts on last night's elimination round?

judy mac said...

yup.. need to hear the commentary on the elimination round too.. but I had to add my 2cents to the Michaels story... I have to admit that I have had the same experience at that very store.. I think they must hire people, and take them on a training course on how to be rude, irritable, and give the worst service possible.. sorry, Michaels..