Thursday, June 28, 2007

in the real world...

i took my first fitness class at VRC.


it was a bit of a strange experience because i walked in and it was a guy teaching. having been at just ladies fitness for this last year, i've only had female instructors. and when i walked in at 6pm, there was no one else there except this guy putting a cd into the stereo. i walk in and he says to me, "do you teach here?" and i say, "what?"

he asks, "do you teach here?" and i say, "no." i in the right place? i think. " YOU teach here?" of course he does. i tell him that i've never been here before and then ask, "am i the only person for this?" because there is still no one else in the room. and he says, "oh no, there will be some others."

i stand around awkwardly for about 45 seconds (which seems long in awkward time) because i'm not sure how to move the bike or where to put it and then as if on cue, 7 other people walk into the class. i was the keener kid who got there early. and i thought i was going to be late! imagine how many more awkward seconds there would have been f i really HAD been early. and there are only 2 other women. the others are buff men. what had i gotten myself into? was this going to be too hard for me? i watch everyone else walk up and get their bikes but i still can't figure out how to move mine. they had this one weird wheel on the bottom. the instructor finally showed me how. i can't explain it.

i got my bike into place and then stood beside it waiting for someone else to get on theirs. someone did so then i did too. the instructor came over and adjusted my handlebars and then showed me how to adjust the tension.

and then the workout began. pedal pedal pedal. sweat sweat sweat. pedal pedal pedal. self talk: good for you rebecca. you can do it. it's almost over...then i look at the clock. only TEN minutes had passed ! i still had 35 more minutes! needless to say, it was a crazy good workout. i now see why everyone else had towels.

and so begins my crazy workout-summer. so i hope.


ang said...

that sounds fantastic! I will have to join you when I get back

Alyssa said...

Oh I hate the new gym awkward feeling.