Wednesday, June 13, 2007

rainy days

today we had swimming lessons at the local outdoor pool. there's not even an overhang to sit under and it poured and poured. i pulled my chair into the doorway of the changeroom to do my marking. then when the kids were coming in, a kindergartener couldn't get the shower on so i pressed the button for her and soaked my head, sweatshirt, shorts (yes, i was wearing shorts), and shoes. it was like i'd gone swimming. then we got everyone on the bus and i got back to the school in time for recess supervision...which of course was an indoor day...equalling chaos in the gym for 15 min. we had planned to have a bike rodeo outside this afternoon but it had to be cancelled. the kids were very disappointed. it's still raining...looks like indoors for lunch too. sigh. as much of a BC girl that i am who enjoys the rain - it just doesn't work that great at school.

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