Friday, June 22, 2007

matt in africa

in case you didn't notice the NEW! in my sidebar -->, matt is in africa! PPAC team posts often and it's a great blog with great stories though not too many pics yet. for pics (AND good stories), check out jeff and shannon's blog too. it's very cool to see your little brother off doing big things. i'm glad he was able to go. thanks shannon for this pic!


Sharelle said...

yay! I see that you went to the new blogger and figured out how easy it is. now suddenly the blog i made for lavonne probably seems a lot less tech savvy than it truly is. haha.

your blog looks GREAT! I totally love it. nice picture (the white rock fish and chips day good work!), and thanks for the jeff and shannon link - they have great pictures up. i think i might just "administer" lavonnes blog and put some up there. haha. ahh the blogging world.

anyway - kudos on the layout. you are a star.

therachel said...

love the new format, especially the pic!

Alyssa said...

looking good