Tuesday, June 26, 2007

why aren't you posting?

i don't have anything to say!


i guess i could tell you that i signed up at VRC fitness club this week for a free membership. they don't have the tvs attached to the treadmills like JLF but they have more classes and a pool. i have to say that i was surprised at how small the pool is but...i guess i could still swim in it. come to VRC and go to classes with me.

i guess i could say that i only have 3 more days at school cleaning and prepping and then i'm free for summer. when making plans, i'm already feeling like the summer is slipping by. what a terrible feeling hey? i know, it's not...yet.

i guess i could say that i went on a wicked hike with alyssa, james and tim this past weekend. lynn peak in north van. it's not "moderate". but it made me feel strong when we were done. i was wishing i had photos to post with this info. maybe alyssa will post them. even though tim entered our marriage knowing that i did not like hiking, he's getting a surprise every hike we've done so far this summer (yes, already THREE) in that i'm actually liking it! look out backpacking -- this is going to be my first attempt this summer at Yoho National Park. good times.

i guess i could confess that i don't feel like posting about our camping trip anymore now that it's so long over so you'll have to wait until the next camping trip.

okay, i had a few things to say.

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