Wednesday, June 13, 2007

if you weren't watching So You Think You Can Dance...

then WHAT were you doing tonight between 8 and 10pm? if you didn't watch -- this post isn't for you. if you did watch....what did you think? here are my thoughts...

WHAT a SHOW! wow! i'm so so so excited to have SYTYCD back and finally see someone new! i'm only on the fourth time through last season on muschmusic and i'm finally getting a little tired of it. haha. i thought "how could any season be great without benji and heidi?" and then i watched tonight's show.

favourites? lacey and her partner AND i was suprised to really like anya and danny. i didn't like their rehearsal video but they really brought it in their dancing. i loved hok before he even got to the top 20 but thought his partner was annoying. and the last two to dance...jimmy and his partner...they had a great rehearsal video, fun personalities, but i didn't like their dance that much.

it must suck to have your choereographer pick bad music (poor ricky and partner - yeah it was terrible dancing but also terrible terrible music selection) or your wardrobe girl pick you a bad dress (the last girl who danced) and then get judged on that. and it's SO smart when choereographer picks super trendy music to go with a not as trendy dance style like anya and danny's "girlfriend" jive. the two didn't even look right together but you just got the vote of about 2000 12 year olds who don't get the concept of SYTYCD. haha.

man, i'm excited for this season. is that too much information and emotion for a reality tv show?


therachel said...

yes yes yes...and no no! Yes to your favourite picks - Lacey is a hands down fave for girls so far, followed by Jessi & Lauren for me. I loved Jesus &...oh, I can't remember his partner's name, but she's the B-girl? Wow, their Wade Robson-choreographed number was B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

I agree that the music for Anya and Danny's jive was lots of fun, definitely switched it up (as opposed to just putting the jive to big band, etc). I'm thinking Ricky & partner will go home tonight.

The "no no" at the beginning of this comment was in response to one of your final questions about "is this too much information & emotion" - NO and NO! I LOVE THIS SHOW TOO!!!!

(yet another reason why we are good friends...I'm hoping that your visit to Edmonton falls over mid-week, simply so that you and I, along with my girls that watch it with me here, can watch together...wouldn't that be AWESOME?!)

M-How said...

LOVE this show. I've been waiting all year for it.

Gotta disagree though w/ the "girlfriend" song/dance - that choice of song, made me really dislike it. But I see what you mean about all the 12-teens loving it.

I am looking forward to seeing what happens tonight, & next week...& the week after that:)

This show makes me wish I never quit dancing. That could've been me. ha - ya right.

Laura said...

It really is wonderful that it's back on:) It was quite the issue last night as i thought the show was only till 9 and Conor wanted to watch Myth Busters at 9 and i first agreed. Well, when i found out it went to ten he wouldn't let me watch it. CAn you believe it! i guess that's the problem with only 1 tv. I informed him that from now on i will be watching all two hours on wed.:)

I'm so bad at remembering names but i really liked the intimate/modern dance in the first hour. I almost cried as it was so moving, even though i didn't quite know what emotions i felt.

I also felt bad for the short guy and tall girl that did the tango. The commems like, "Well it must be hard if you're partner is bigger than you." The guy looked to the floor and looked embarassed. I felt bad for him.

Well i promise i'll learn the names and watch both hours. Hawk was cool, i do remember his name and he made me want to take hip hop again.

YEah for dancing...

Alyssa said...

I'm with laura in that I don't remember names yet... but what a show! They are all so amazing! I feel like last year there were more couples that were sort of so-so, but this year everyone but short guy/tall girl I could see in the top 10. How have I been living without this show all winter?

M-How said...

yay - our predictions were correct! (I forgot to write it down, but we all knew...) short guy - aka creepy guy - Ricky, & his taller partner were voted off. Felt a bit bad for them, but I didn't really want anyone else to go home yet. Can't wait till next week!

judy macd said...

ok ok.. is this confession time or what? J&J are hooked this year.. yup.. big admission on the world wide web!!