Thursday, May 14, 2009

canuck day

last friday, it was suggested at our town meeting that we should have a canuck day. a unanimous YES vote made it so. we planned it for this past tuesday. umm...unfourtunately, the canucks lost on monday night.

but canuck day must go on!

i made cupcakes.

it says on the board, "we still love you Canucks!"

it IS still school day...we need to do some work.

we ate lunch wherever we wanted in the classroom (i like how decked out these boys are in canuck gear.) we were allowed to wear hats all day.

and for the big finale, i tipped over all the desks and made "boards" for our mini-stick game. when i would yell switch, kids would jump over the boards and keep going.

(i left only the last 10 minutes of the day for hockey...for reasons i'm sure you can guess. but tipping over the desks for boards was my idea - the kids were yelling, "what are you doing?" when they got it, it didn't matter that we didn't play for long. they had a great time.)

random days like this will be missed.


Margaret said...

Do you mind if I ask why it's 'Canuck Day' and not 'Canucks Day'? Perhaps I am revealing my American-hockey-ignorance, but I thought 'Canucks' is always plural.

Bec Shulba said...

i do mind. ;)

Margaret said...

So the answer is...?


ashlee said...

bec...awesome idea with the desks - i'm sure those kids are gonna miss you :)