Monday, May 25, 2009

ramblings of a monday morning

this morning i woke up earlier than normal to drive tim to work as he is currently working on the truck in our garage. i thought ahead and brought a book along so that on my way home, i could stop at starbucks and sit in the sun and read while drinking a coffee and eating a scone.

because tim and i have decided that there is no more eating out/coffees/feeding our boredom with food, we have been reduced to using only giftcards that we might have previously aquired. i was given a $25 giftcard to starbucks at the shower my students' moms threw for me on my last day and i have been savoring every latte i buy with it. but as i quickly run out of money on it, i decided today to try my first ever starbucks coffee - nothing special...just coffee. and? it was good. (jonny is thinking "umm, of course it was.") i used...ahem...two packets of sugar but overall, a positive experience for a non-strong coffee drinker.

people at starbucks in the morning are mostly having "meetings" (maybe that's rude to put that in dad is one of these people i'm sure...) okay...people having meetings or girlfriends with strollers getting together and some retired folk. the retired people often want to chat and as i'm boasting this very large stomach, there's always something to chat with me about. i've had more conversations with strangers in the last month than maybe my whole life. this morning alone, three. and because my dad taught me not to answer questions with one-word answers, they're quite extended little convos. a few elderly gentlemen wanted to tell me about their grandkids today. one told me that he wishes for me a baby that, at 4 months, sleeps from 8pm to 9:30am every night - like his grandson. wouldn't you know, this is also what i wish for. :)

after coffee and scone, i headed to the library. i know i've posted about this before, but i love our public library. it's large with lots of natural light. the magazine rack is extensive and there are always computers free to use the internet. now that i'm home during the day, tim takes his work computer to work with him and i have no computer. i know people used to live like this and i'm not complaining (yet) but i do appreciate the internet use in the comfy chairs at the library. you post ramblings on a monday morning.

a magazine that i almost always have to read the library because there are never any old copies to take out (i'm assuming because it's a popular magazine) is wondertime. i've been reading it for years pre-pregnancy even though it's a parenting mag. articles are all about creativity with your children; intentional ways of helping them learn. every photo throughout it is beautiful and the cover has a matte finish. (i love a matte finish) if you live in the US, you could have a subscription for only $13. In Canada, add $12 more in US funds. oh it's worth it, in my opinion, but i'm waiting until my babe is at least a year before beginning to invest. if you have toddlers though, go check out this magazine at your library because i'm sure you'll appreciate it.

the sun is shining and even though it's only 10:30am, it's already warm outside. a good breeze is stirring up the branches outside the windows of the library and i know that soon, i will feel a little guilty about being inside so the ramblings (though there are more floating around) have come to an end so that i can go read a few articles about jon and kate, and the latest on baby sleep routines before i head home.


Jonny said...

Starbucks Coffee is the best...But just their Bold Coffee. Not a fan of the others. I drink it with just cream, but Joy has to go with 2 packets of sugar as well. Maybe that means I'm a bitter person???

Laurie Trueman said...

Sounds like you're taking full advantage of the few days you have "off" before having a new baby to think about. It's good that the timing worked out that you are off work and can "rest up" and prepare, however that translates. We are all thinking about you and are very excited to have another new "grand nephew".

theRachel said...

Sounds like you are making GREAT use of your time off...taking care of yourself! Love it. Will have to check out wondertime, sometime.

Joy said...

Jonny forgot to mention that he's having one of those "meetings" with your dad tomorrow in Mississauga.

Lana Vugteveen said...

That sounds like one of the best mornings. I love mornings like those (except the fact that I'm never pregnant and do not discuss that with strangers). I usually stay at my house in pj's sitting on the pateo with a homemade coffee/tea and read harry potter or a real simple mag.