Thursday, May 28, 2009

i heart SYTYCD

"i'm a dancer. it's what i do."
- david "sex" soller

oh the judging makes the show. i'm realizing that's why SYTYCD canada didn't work for me. i love these judges too much. great auditions. yay for two hour episodes. can't wait for vegas. and weekly thursday night blogging.

are you watching?


Cousin Sarah said...

Hey Rebecca!
I am loving this season! I never got into SYTYCD Canada either. The judges (not to mention the host who was awful) weren't as good!
I am so excited it is back on.

Megan Thiessen said...

my game plan so far is taping the show on the eastern channels earlier in the evening & then fast-forwarding all the commercials. It makes it more like 1.5 hours. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of Vegas.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been a follower of SYTYCD but this week caught the two hour auditions in Hollywood and Seattle and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Favorite moment? the dancer who admitted that he felt much more confient before he saw a video tape of his performance. Now he says," I was a much better dancer in my mind." Wow - isn't that true for each of us in some way!? Once again art reflects life!

theRachel said...

How I wish I was watching this...with you, or at all! No SYTYCD on Spanish TV. However, dear friend Becky in Madrid is taping them so I think we´ll have a marathon there when we arrive. I can´t wait to catch up and discuss with you!

rachel said...

Logan and I download the shows and watch them - although wherever our site gets them from we are a week behind. The chemistry between the judges is just incomparable to the canadian version. Nigel, Mary, the choreographers we've grown to love - we look forward to seeing them every week!