Tuesday, May 05, 2009

my monday musings on tuesday...

i lay awake last night thinking...thanks to a book called, "A Pea in a Pod: Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Beyond".

a thought that occurred to me in regards to labour pain is perhaps the intensity of your labour is based on how much pain you've had previously in your life. you know, have you been previously hospitalized before? broken bones? had surgeries? maybe if you've experienced pain, it gives you a gauge for how bad labour is.

the real question here is...what if you've never experienced ANY pain before? i've never been to the hospital. never broken any bones. never even had stitches. i think i'm in for maybe more pain than expected. and i'm expecting a lot. :)

poor tim. he was trying to read his own novel while i read, "A Pea in a Pod" and i kept reading exerpts aloud to him. i figure he should be informed too, right? finally, he put down his book and took my book from me, flipping through it himself. at a diagram of how the baby is most likely positioned inside me right now, he looked over at my stomach and said, "wow. that's pretty crazy, isn't it?" yes, it is.

but even after reading through the horrible labour info, i thought to myself, "oh yeah, i can do that."


ashlee said...

you can do it!

i'm praying for you :)

ramblin'andie said...

I've been meaning to comment ever since you wondered (in one of your postings) if Tim reads this blog. I don't think he does. Right after you posted your "we're pregnant!" post, I went to work and sort of let the news slip to Helen, one of my coworkers. Who in turn congratulated Tim. Who turned BRIGHT RED and said very loudly something along the lines of, "OH yeah, I made it to work today. Yeah, thanks for the congratulations." heh heh.

Anyway, I'd never experienced pain before either. Granted, I had insanely short labours, but still. It wasn't too bad. Praying it won't be for you either.

theRachel said...

Oh wow...I just realized that b/c I haven't been blogging lately, my name has been removed from the list.

Ang said...

You aren't a wimp, and wimps have babies every day. You'll be brave!