Wednesday, May 20, 2009


1. when are you due again?
my official due date is june 4th. the longest i'm allowed to go over that is 10 days so the latest date possible? the 14th.

2. do you have the baby room all ready?
we have a we can get the baby home. we have a somewhere for the baby to sleep. what else do we need?

3. how are you feeling?
pretty good actually. besides getting up 6 times a night to go to the washroom, i'm sleeping pretty well. i'm happy to be done work so that i can nap during the day as well. haha.

4. do you know if it's a boy or a girl?
yep, it's a boy. well, it's 98% accurate, right? so if it ends up being a girl, she'll just be wearing a lot of blue for the first three months. :)

5. do you have a name picked out for the baby?
we agree on two or three names, one above the others, but we haven't been know...just in case we want to change last minute. :)

6. why are you having the baby in langley instead of abbotsford?
i found a doctor in langley because it was closer to work and easier to get to appointments. we're only 25 minutes away from the langley hospital - i'm sure we'll get there in time. :) plus, all i've heard are good things about the langley maternity ward so that's encouraging.


jan said...

aren't afternoon naps just the best? glad to hear you're feeling well .. won't be long now. and i can't wait!

Megan Thiessen said...

Langley has big rooms too, it has a great maternity wing! Good choice.

Katie Marie said...

So good to hear all of those details! I can hardly wait for baby Shulba to arrive! You are very prepared, and I hope I get to babysit for you whenever you need one - although that might not be the case for the first year at least with you home. :)