Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sunglasses r.i.p.

in the early summer of 2005, i begged tim to buy me a pair of sunglasses at MEC one day. he bought them and they have been my summer staple ever since. sure, they've gone missing for months at a time, but they always showed up again. and maybe you've seen pics of me in other sunglasses over the last 4 years, but these ones always were nearby when those other ones broke or got lost. i bought them as big sunglasses were going more mainstream and they seemed quite big at the time but got smaller every year that went by.

today, i opened my purse and found that the arm had broken off - not just missing a screw or something - broken. sigh. goodbye favourite sunglasses. thank you for the goodtimes.edmonton


manning park camping

sunshine coast

kayking on maine island

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