Monday, May 11, 2009

a week of lasts

today was my last monday!

       > last morning supervision
       > last art class
       > last grade level meeting

4 more days left...


Katie Marie said...

Hi Bec! I was just thinking about you today and how this is your last week! Good luck, and congratulations! More fun and exciting times ahead! Looking forward to seeing you more often.
Love, Katie

rachel said...

I love your post about your weekends with Tim. wow - so much is going to change. I'm so glad you're enjoying this time together - amazing things are in store for you guys!

Sharelle said...

i JUST looked to see that my status is changed to TOC'ing the lower mainland. ha.

also, i know this is your week of lasts but i LOVE thinking of you as a morning supervisor. i was one of those last week on elementary TOC day. elementary is awesome.

sooo excited for you guys.

Joy said...

Yay!! The countdown is on.
Hope you have a great birthday.

theRachel said...

Yes it was your last Monday. And now Tuesday is over for you too. And it's your friggin BIRTHDAY. YAY!

I'm hoping that you're not one of those ladies who finishes work with "a few weeks to go" and then goes into labour the next day. I also hope I didn't jinx it by saying that.