Monday, August 10, 2009


while i didn't quite make good on this past post, i started the point counting but not the gym going. i could write a load of excuses but i'll save it.

tonight i planned to go to aquafit. i hate the water and when you feel fat, who wants to put on a bathing suit? the closer it got to 6:30pm (the time the class started), i was getting nervous. i've never done aquafit. i've never even been in the pool at this gym. where were the changerooms? i wouldn't know where i should wait for the class to start. yes...i'm a big baby. but i put that bathing suit on under my clothes and headed to the pool.

so of course i found the change rooms and waited with the other people by the pool until the class began. then we got in and the workout began. wow. i chose a water class because it was low impact (my knees have been sore since the last month of my pregnancy). i know that water workouts are good but i did not know how good. an hour later, i climbed out of the water and could barely stand on my jelly legs, i was so tired. what a great workout.

once i get one good workout in, it feels so good. now i just need to keep that feeling in mind for tomorrow...umm...or the next day...


ashlee said...

go bec go!!!

theRachel said...

One step at a time...and I think that you are doing great!