Sunday, August 09, 2009

from ben

i have to admit...and i don't mean to offend anyone...but i always laughed when people wrote cards or notes as though they were from their baby. "dear auntie rebecca, thank you for the great book. i love it! love caedmon" (no, liz never did this - just an example) i laughed because it's silly to pretend that your baby can think, talk, and let you know what he thinks so that you can write it down.

now i'm here. with a baby. and i'm a little bit tempted to write things in cards from ben. just a thought that i had...

dear readers of this blog, please ask my mom to stop taking so many photos of me. i'm tired of that flash. sincerely, ben

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theRachel said...


I will do my best to encourage your mum to take photos without the flash to preserve your precious eyesight. I wonder if there is a correlation between photo flash over-exposure and early onset vision lost? We should make sure that mum of yours considers this before taking your photo with a flash next time.

However, I do love those photos - you are just so cute!


auntie Rachel