Saturday, August 08, 2009

washing? again?

i admit it. i'm not a frequent launderer. you know, referring to clothing, not money. dallas will know what i mean. :) but now that i have this baby, everyone refers to how much laundry you have to do when you have a baby. hmm...i'm not doing that much laundry. is this bad?

ben has lots of clothes now that he's gotten a little bigger. and sure, he spits up on himself everyday but am i supposed to change him every time? i don't. unless it's huge, he wears his shirt with a little spit up on it for the rest of the day. then at the end of the day, that outfit goes in the pile of laundry. we have lots of receiving blankets. we use one has the shoulder protector during burp time for the day and then it also goes in the pile of laundry. but that pile can build and build and i'm still not out of anything. i guess we are just lucky to have such generous people around us who have given us so many things that we are not in need. it has really been amazing.
so i wonder if my kid will be the one with the messy shirt at school that the teacher wonders, "doesn't his mother ever do laundry?" hopefully i'll improve over time...

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Margaret said...

I'm visiting my sister who is a mother of three and she doesn't change the baby after she spits up on herself. Just wipes it. So far all her kids seem to be turning out okay. ;)