Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the latest from babycenter

About your baby's two month check-up:

What questions will the doctor ask?

Most likely she'll cover the baby basics:
• Your baby's feeding: Breast milk or formula, how often and how much?
• Your baby's elimination: How many bowel movements and wet diapers per day, and what is the consistency and color of the bowel movements?
• Your baby's sleep: How many consecutive hours at night, in what position, and where?
• Your baby's behavior and development: Does he respond to your voice, smile, and coo? Does he look at faces and track objects with his eyes? What does he do during tummy time? doctor didn't ask one of these questions. hmm...

this next one is for alyssa...

When will my baby begin remembering things?

Even in his first two months, your baby can recognize familiar faces and voices, especially those he sees every day. Newborns can recognize their mothers' voice at birth, and breastfed babies can recognize their mother's smell after one week. This kind of recognition is the first indication of memory, although it's very different from remembering the details of specific episodes.

and if you've hung out with me in the first two months of ben's life, you'll know that i often wonder aloud when ben is crying if he is feeling "overstimulated". apparently these are the symptoms:

Here are some signs that playtime is over and she needs a break:

• Closing eyes

• Turning away

• Tensing up, arching her back

• Avoiding your gaze

• Irritability

good to know. ben does these things all the time. i guess now i'll stop getting in his face and saying, "why won't you make eye contact with me?"

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yay! i'm on the blog! i feel so special! ;)

ha ha! i guess you weren't quite right aout the memory thing Alyssa! =D