Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i was pretty down on sytycd-canada last year. wasn't a keen watcher. after that over-played, poor attempt to be cool commercial that i've been watching for season 2...i bashed it pretty hard.

and then i've watched some of the auditions and was pleasantly surprised to see that blake was not on the judging panel. i loved that there were other judges filing in which would hopefully mean less luther. yay. we're giving it a chance.

and then tonight? blake AND luther? were they just doing other judges for the first part of auditions? is the rest of the season going to be these two idiots judging again? if so, i'm out.


Jamie said...

Yup - you nailed it.

Love the great Canadian kids auditioning - the judges - not so much.

theRachel said...

I'm pretty sure the other judges are just for the auditions, and then it's Blake, Luther &...what's her name? The chick from How She Move? And sometimes a guest judge.

I also CAN'T STAND Leah. She makes my skin crawl. Annoying.

rachel said...

totally agree. those 2 guys are so full of themselves and the reason I stopped watching last year.

Cousin Sarah said...

since we tape it, we just fast-forward whenever luther talks. =D i would like to see if he can actually dance!

and Leah....she is so fake! you can't beat Cat Deeley! ;)