Tuesday, August 25, 2009


yvr..peaceful arrival..synchyshyns..sunshine..snacks..mango chutney chicken..coloretto tournament..ben sink baths..ginger snaps..swinging baby..laughs..coffee..weak wrists..cookbook photos..early baby bedtimes..thunderstorms..mommy meltdowns..stroller muscles..orange pekoe..mirrored food court..first great aunt and uncle introductions..seeing cousins..birthday cake..no weight watchers..naps..diet coke..joshua jackson..dresses.."that's your other option?"..cookie pie..baby love..beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful cole..matching aprons..hugs..baby bed transfers..water bottles..earrings..peaceful arrival..home.


Ang said...

I spy a Rachel apron! Score! Looks like a fabulous trip, wish I could have come!

jamie said...

Great post - captures the fun AND the fact that it all went by too fast!

theRachel said...

Ah, what a great weekend. I miss you three already.