Monday, August 10, 2009


i'm addicted to short sleeve sweaters.  i don't know why.  what's the point of a short sleeved sweater?  they must be for people who work in warm environments or who are naturally warm.  because if i feel like i need a sweater, i need one with arms.  but they're cute.  so whenever i go to winners and see a short sleeved sweater that i like, i buy it.  i take it home and keep it handy.  i try it on with my outfits many times during a week finally deeming it a stupid concept and then i return it.  you'd think eventually i would give up on buying them.  i usually think i've found the one.  so i bought one this weekend.  black, heavier knit, roxy sweater.  two brown buttons at the neckline which were so cool.  i brought it home, tried it on twice when getting dressed to go out, and thought, "why did i try this again?"  i have to take it back.  at least i'm figuring it out faster these days.  


theRachel said...

I feel like this is a post that would benefit from an accompanying picture, perhaps to have your readers help you make this difficult decision?

Margaret said...

At least you're clever enough to take it back. Sometimes I buy things, end up never wearing them, but never take them back to get the money.

Alyssa said...

Yes, I am also often sucked in by the short sleeve sweater, only to tell myself 'If you're cold enough that you need a sweater, you need sleeves!'.

Benjamin M Shulba said...

Hey why wasn't I in this post?

One little complaint about the flash and we're readin' about sweaters.