Friday, August 14, 2009

ben goes to the movies

yes - ben goes to the movies. once a week at most local theatres, there is something called "stars and strollers". moms go to movies with their babies in the middle of the day. and you know, anyone could go sans baby but you'd be exposed to crying during the movie.

so i headed to langley on wednesday to see 500 Days of Summer with ben, his friend caedmon, and liz. there weren't as many people in the theatre as i expected. we were there early because i was anticipating crowds but instead we had our choice of seats.

even though this movie is played for moms with kids and it's "ok" if your kid is doesn't stop you from feeling worked up about it. so when ben started to cry a very short time into the movie, i couldn't stay at my seat. well i could, but i just felt like i was still disturbing everyone. but other babies were crying here and there as well. nonetheless, i stood at the bottom and walked back and forth in the hall where i could still see the movie. ben cried out of control for awhile for no apparent reason (umm except maybe the darkness and the crazy huge screen? or maybe it was the fact he'd had 3 shots earlier that day?) and then finally fell asleep in my arms halfway through. i headed back to my seat. ben wasn't too much of a distraction from the movie, i barely noticed the other babies crying and i enjoyed seeing a movie without having to leave him behind.

next week is julie and julia...we'll see if i make it to that.


Megan Thiessen said...

that's cool that they do that. Is it a discount rate for mom's or does it cost the same?? Josh & I saw "Julie & Julia" on Monday & I really enjoyed it. Warning: it makes you hungry & really crazy delicious, buttery foods.

Megan Thiessen said...

I meant "really crave delicious, buttery foods."

theRachel said...

Yay for outings with the baby! Ahem, I mean Ben. Ben is his name.

I really enjoyed (500) days of Summer. Did you at least get to see the dance scene to the classic Hall & Oats song? So funny.

Sharelle said...

oh that's fantastic buddy. i always see the listing for those shows, and think that is a great idea. glad you & liz got to take it in.

what did you think of the movie?

Alyssa said...

Yes, what did you think of the movie? I really love Zooey Deschanel and I spent most of the movie thinking how much I loved her style, and how much I loved the music... Did I mention that soundtrack is all I'm listening to this summer?

Anonymous said...

Laurie, Amy, Sarah and I went to see Julie & Julia last week - what fun! The movie was delightful, I enjoyed every minute of it, although I was somewhat distracted wondering how the characters could eat like that and not weigh 300 pounds each!
Go see it yourself - I know you'll like it!
love Aunt Bonnie

theRachel said...

I just realized that perhaps a funny title for this post would have been "Ben & his mommy go to the movies." Ha.