Wednesday, January 20, 2010

and ben turned 7 months...

oh seven months. we're more than half way to one year. unreal. favourite moment of seven months so far: laying in bed between us in the morning, ben reached one little hand up to touch his daddy's face and one little hand up to touch my face and then looked back and forth between us smiling. too sweet. we're loving this little boy.

in all the cafuffle of a busy weekend, no "seven month photo" was taken on the actual day. but we did spend some fun time in a box on the day before:

and some sad time in the exersaucer the day before because i was baking and trying to get out the door without a post-nap cuddle. thankfully the tupperware measuring spoon fixed that.

happy 7 months ben boy!


theRachel said...

WOW! 7 months already! How time flies! I love the anecdote re: Ben reaching for his parents. So sweet. Happy 7 months, baby Ben! Big love to you from auntie Rachel!

dawn said...

That pic of Ben in the box is the cutest EVER!!!!