Saturday, January 09, 2010

a big order...

remember the time i went to my first tupperware party? haha...

fyi - i'm putting in an order on thursday, january 14th for anyone who was wanting to get in on the modular mate sale but not planning to have a party. when i put in single orders, the shipping goes way up but this way you'll still only have to pay $3.95 per order.

some other sale items to take note of:

set of 4 dishwashing brushes 50% off - $7.50

the large carry-all: great for your 10kg bag of flour or storing your dog food outside - $32.50

cereal storer: keep your cereal fresh for over a year! $13.00

modular mates are all 40% off. last spring, i'd decided to build up my mod. mate collection one rectangle at a time so i started with the biggest one. i paid $35. right now, you can get the whole rectangle SET (5 containers) for only $70!

email me if you want to get your order in for january 14th.

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theRachel said...

I wish I lived closer to you...which is what would make this make sense for me.