Monday, January 11, 2010

a bit about me...maybe more than you wanted to know...

thanks to andie for nominating me for a Beautiful Blogger award. i don't know who started giving these awards or when you're nominated, if you ever "win". but someone thought my blog was worth an award and i'm appreciative.

part one of the honor - seven things about me:

> i love heinz ketchup. if you tried to trick me with a different brand, i would know (but i'd be too polite to say anything then you'd yell, "it's not really heinz! i tricked you!" and i'd say, "i could tell! i knew!" and you wouldn't believe me) when mcdonalds changed their ketchup packets (you may not have even realized but i did), i would go through the drive thru then go inside to get the ketchup out of the pump. i put ketchup on turkey, roast beef, kraft dinner, etc.

> i hate cutting my toenails ever since i had an ingrown toenail. i try to rarely cut them which means that at any given time, my toenails are either wickedly long (eww) or beautifully painted and pedicured.

> i've never broken a bone or gotten stitches. in other words, i've never taken any risks.

> i didn't start drinking coffee until march 2008. i needed a warm drink at recess.

> i love tom petty. and the heartbreakers.

> i love infomercials. if there's a good infomercial for something, i want it. my mom bought me a "eurosealer" one year for my birthday because i talked about the commercial so much. and currently, my favourite infomercial is the jack lalanne juicer.

> i love being a mother way more than expected. who knew how great this would be?

part two of the honour - nominate seven other beautiful bloggers:

alyssa of row by row
hannah of hanners? latte?
sara of simply sara
heather and whitney of rookie moms

it was hard to choose seven but these are a few of my favs in no particular order. maybe you'll enjoy them too. check them out.


LaelDyck said...

congrats!!! your blog is awesome and you totally deserve the award!

p.s. i have broken many bones and i am not a risk taker....i don't really even have any good stories to tell.

Simply Sara said...

Ha! I totally laughed at the ketchup one. I can just picture the "I tricked you!" "NO, you didn't!" scenario.

Oh, and I get the love of infomercials... my husband is a sucker for them. We have the miracle blade knife set and a few different workout videos!

You are so sweet.
So great to meet you!

Hanners said...

i'm so glad that you nominated me. but i might not nominate or do the survey. which makes me a pointless nomination. though my blog is one of my happy places.

Hanners said...

i looked up your other nominations, and though i don't know the other people and can't really judge them, i like yours the best (though simply sara did have a good layout, pleasant to the eye)

RookieMom Heather said...

Thank you for nominating us. So sweet of you. We do like to make lists, so seven seems doable. You could probably get me to rattle of 157 things just for kicks.

Ok, back to my point. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...