Wednesday, January 13, 2010


so i read a lot of blogs. when i log into my google reader in the morning, there are usually about 100 posts to read. i don't often read them all - i sometimes "mark as read" but throughout the day, if i get a moment, there's always something to read. so one blog i mosts often mark as read now that christmas is over, is one pretty thing. they gather DIY projects from all over the net and put it in one post. they post many of these a day. it's a great way to find other blogs that you might like. but now that i'm feeling less crafty and more tupperwary, the only posts i look at are the printables. so i'm sharing with you (in case this blog isn't on your reader) - lots of cute things to print off other peoples' sites for free. my personal fav for this particular post:

Picture 5

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