Saturday, January 30, 2010

the problem with running shoes

my sorry excuse for lack of exercise this month is the fact that after my pregnancy, my runners no longer felt good. they rubbed and gave me blisters. my hips were all sore after walking. i needed new ones.

so last night, i finally went out to the running room at 8pm. i went in wearing my current runners and told the girl there exactly what i just wrote. i took off my socks and shoes and rolled up my pant legs (which wasn't a pretty sight...) so that she could watch me walk. after a few times of walking across the room, the woman exclaims, "well your feet sure have changed since your pregnancy - those shoes you have now are way off." well there you go. apparently, i no longer pronate very much. who knew what pregnancy was going to do to my feet?

it's taking awhile for me to get to the reason for the title of this post: the problem with running shoes... so this saleswoman brings our three boxes of neutral shoes (as opposed to what i used to wear for feet that pronate aka. roll inwards). the first pair are ugly nikes. but they have memory foam in them so they feel pretty good. weird, but good. then the next shoes are pretty white and purple asics. not as good as the nikes. next, bright blue and white sauconys - also not as good as the nikes. shoot. now i'm going to have to buy the ugliest option! you would never pay this much money for shoes that you didn't like the look of in all other types of shoes but with runners, you have to go with the ones that feel best! and unfortunately, these were them.

but i'm feeling pretty motivated to get to the gym - so that's worth the money in my opinion.

(mine is dark gray with pale mint-colour accents - i couldn't find a pic of them exactly)
Nike Livestrong Lunar Glide & Lunar Fly


theRachel said...

I had a similar experience at the Running Room the last time I bought shoes - not about my feet changing shape, but about me thinking the colour combo of the pair that fit best was ugly. Dallas told me bluntly to "get over it." I have sky blue Ascics. I own little to no blue clothing (besides jeans), and certainly nothing the shade of blue on said shoes. But they fit my feet so well I don't care any more.

Alyssa said...

Yes, I am with you both! I just bought a pair of runners, and I really wanted to ask them if they could find me a pair that were not white and bright pink. But since it's the running room you feel like you're supposed to be a serious athlete and not care about silly things like the colours on your shoes.

LaelDyck said...

i think they look fine. i am partial to runners that are more white then dark....but i actually think that these are cute, especially since you said they have mint green. good luck witht he gym. i hope you fall in love with your new runners.

dawn said...

don't you have a camera??? haha!!!