Friday, January 08, 2010

french vanilla creamer

way long ago, i bought french vanilla creamer for a special occasion. and now it's a staple in my fridge. it just makes coffee so much better. and especially since i buy the low-fat version, it must be crazy chemically, hey? sigh. i admire those naturalists eating things from the earth. not me - bring on the chemicals. augh.


Yvonne said...

Here's what a do: a tsp of french vanilla, a 1/4 cup milk and one pocket of splenda . . . so yummy without too much of the bad stuff!

ramblin'andie said...

I know! I LOVE the hazlenut one, but I try not to buy it toooo often. Mnnnnnnn

LauraI said...

I've tried just milk but it's just not the same. I actually prefer the coffee matte ones. They're not quite as sweet and come in so many flavors!