Friday, March 05, 2010

abby responded...

in regards to my recent dear abby question, i got a phone call from abby herself with the answer. it's the law for children under 1 year to ride in a seat facing forwards. so those of you who were wondering the same - a little fyi post. thanks, jenna! the seat will be returned and a more appropriate seat that can face both forwards and backwards will be bought for my hefty baby.

(and then, as if read my mind AGAIN...i got an email that said, "is your car seat safe?" man, that site is good. )


dawn said...

wow!!! that is so crazy... and Ben hefty? I don't think of him as hefty at all! too funny!

theRachel said...

ABBY CALLED?? For reals? That's crazy. Good thing you got the story straight on the car seat business.

Marcy Reimer said...

Hey Rebecca, they even say to leave the little ones rear facing until they are 18 months as it is the safest spot for them, We even left Nathan rear facing while he was not hefty he was certainly very tall. I know lots of people can not wait to turn them around, especially if you have a small vehicle. We bought a car seat that is rear and forward facing and then turns into a booster after. I did not really like using it as a booster though as the seat belt holder was not that great, good for forward and rear though :)

Good luck finding one. I know some of the best car seats are the
Britax car seats and they make them with usually a higher weight rating