Tuesday, March 16, 2010

obsessive much?

as you know...i tend to be a little obsessive. growing up, my brother was very obsessive. mostly with sports teams. he perfected his drawings of the canuck logo (back when it was a difficult one) and the grizzlies. i laughed at his obsessiveness. then it occurred to me that i'm the same. yes. i'm just now figuring this out at 27 years old.

you, being the faithful blog reader, know about my obsessions because you've had to endure reading about them. at least my current obsession is cute and photogenic. but one obsession you all dealt well with was weight watcher point counting. it was all i thought about and if you can believe it, i actually resisted posting every weight watcher related thought.

but guess what...they're baaaack...but to save you from reading all i have to say, i have started yet another blog. don't tune in if you don't want to know what i eat everyday. but feel free to follow along if you so desire. i just started yesterday. www.lifeonpoints.blogspot.com and if you choose to join the challenge, you can illegally do weight watchers with me. i explain how there. :) but you'll have to become a commenter because weight watchers is all about support groups.

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Margaret said...

Oh man. I haven't counted points since I got to goal. That day I ate a massive piece of cake and never looked back. Even when I want to shed a few pounds, I just focus on exercise, which so far has always done the trick (knock on wood).

My mom is theoretically counting points right now. I'll have to show her your new blog.