Sunday, March 28, 2010

gratitude sunday

already sunday again and so few postings this between this and the last one. there's been major focus over at life on points but now that my camera has been found, there's sure to be more postings going on here again. but what a week it has been. little ben boy was a throwing-up, poopy, sickie this week, only wanting to sit with me at all awake times. so today, after a day of being on my toes keeping up with a non-stop little boy, i am thankful for his quick recovery from the flu. also on the gratitude list this week:

> the stoneware pan that has revolutionized sunday night's pizza crust

> parents who don't mind hearing all the baby bragging that you hold back from everyone else

> a husband who helps me sleep-in til 10am by hanging out with ben all morning

> laughing so hard, you're crying

> friends who make you laugh so hard, you cry

> two fantastic tupperware parties

> baba ganoush and blue corn chips

> increased anticipation for friends' babies to be born

"keep cultivating gratitude. you'll live longer" - from 'eat, pray, love' by elizabeth gilbert

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theRachel said...

Ah, this is a gooder. Glad to hear Katie will be back close to home!