Saturday, March 06, 2010

living room transforming slowly...

i posted about painting forever ago. we did paint. we also put up crown moulding. we bought new slipcovers for our couches (still white but cleaner). we bought a few gray throw pillows. we bought 6 square frames to put pictures in. we printed 6 pictures at costco for our frames. we bought a leather ottoman that opens up to store ben's toys. we are on our way. but now that we've started, i don't want to take "after photos" until it's all done! what do we have left to do?

drapes. hang pictures. buy lamps. buy a tv stand. do something about our side tables (like paint or buy new ones).

it's coming. we're feeling motivated. it's a slow transformation.


dawn said...

we want to see!!!!

theRachel said...

Sounds like you guys are well on your way and have the hardest parts done. in my mind, the "hardest parts" would include painting and putting up the moulding. Way to go! I'm excited when we get to see the "after" shots!