Sunday, March 14, 2010

gratitude sunday

this weekend, i had coffee/lunch with some friends at wendals in fort langley which happens not only to be a cafe but a bookstore as well. there was this little leather bound journal with the title "gratitude journal" inscribed on the front and i just wanted to buy it so badly. alyssa and i joked about loving journals but not writing in them. she mentioned that i blog and that's really like a journal.

i follow a blog called "a journey to a simple happy life" that always has a sunday post called gratitude sunday. the author lists a few simple things that she was thankful for that week. when i logged into reader tonight and read the weekly list of gratitude, i thought of the gratitude journal and this blog journal and was inspired to begin my own weekly segment.

and so...this week i am thankful for:

> both sets of ben's grandparents who make cranky evenings happier

> my sister-in-law's progress and successes at RCMP training in regina

> a phone message from a favourite friend

> the fort-to-fort trail in fort langley and good friends to walk for 2 hours with

> words of advice

> new inspiration to begin counting ww points again

> a good book to read before bed

what are you thankful for this week?


theRachel said...

I am thankful for the phone, which keeps me connected to my dear friends even though we live far apart.

I'm also thankful for kleenex and cold meds. Ha. But really, I am.

ashlee said...

good post bed :)

ashlee said...

haha....i mean BEC!!!

Imene said...

What a wonderful list of things to be grateful for. Thank you for commenting on my blog!

Under His Wings said...

Today I am thankful for: crockpot which I use a lot - supper tonight? crockpot lasagna
2.not having to wear boots today.
3. my computer which keeps me in touch with people I love.
4. my husband is home tonight with no meetings.
5. a good book to read.

dawn said...

I'm SO thankful that I'm moving to Fort Langley in 3 door to Wendels!!! Can't wait!