Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i hate my clothes!

who else feels this way everytime they open their closets? hopefully, i'm not the only one. but this past week, i started counting ww points and exercising harder than i have since i had ben. sunday morning, i did the 30 day shred and was feeling that good-sore feeling that you have after you work out. i started picking out what to wear to church. and i'm feeling all good about myself and my weight goals for the week and then all my clothes fit THE SAME! not differently - THE SAME. but all the work i did this week? didn't it make any kind of difference? of course, i know that in 7 days, there's going to be very little difference and if i had just continued to keep wearing my spandex for another couple weeks, i wouldn't have worried about it. but no. one needs to get dressed in real clothes once in awhile so since i was feeling good, i thought i'd start trying some of my pre-preggers clothing on. if you want to make yourself feel very bad, very quickly, this is how you do it. as you've figured out, i am not even close to pre-pregnancy size. but after a whole SEVEN days?! haha. anyways, after looking at my old clothes, it made me hate my current clothes all the more. it's a terrible affliction (hating your clothes, i mean). remember when we were in grade 3 and could wear the same sweatshirt everyday and no one cared? (oh wait...i wore a uniform so of course no one cared. ha. you know what i mean.) i used to get one outfit for church for a season and then wear it every sunday. i wish i could do that now. anyways, you may be wondering where this post is going. it's not going anywhere - it's just a meandering rant. and in case you were wondering what i ended up wearing to church on sunday to show off my new muscles - i wore jeans and a black cardigan.


theRachel said...

Hmm, this is tricky. Will you buy new clothes or just wait awhile longer to see if the old ones fit better?

Dallas and I started doing the Shred this week. That JM really gets you going, hey? "Don't just phone it in..." That line kills me.

LaelDyck said...

i hate my clothes too. i get new clothes and like them for maybe 2 weeks and then i am sick of them.

i worked out for 10 days straight while on vacation and i totally expected my clothes to fit differently, but nope, they don't. it sucks that the results dont come fast. it seems like when you gain a few pounds you can notice it quickly but not losing it. ugh!