Wednesday, March 31, 2010

good quality supplies

you know, one of my thoughts on tupperware is that anything that you only have to purchase once in your life is a good deal though it might seems expensive initially. i was reading soulemama this morning (can you tell i was catching up on my google reader? two posts in reference to blogs) and she was talking about having good quality art supplies which will cost more at first but last you much longer in the long run. these crayons look really great AND they say that they'll last until your little one is grown! wow. those rectangular ones would make a good first birthday present. i wonder if my local art supplies shop carry something similar?

16 Stick Crayons
16            Block Crayons

and how cute is baby soule colouring with his crayons? he's only 15 months! this mom is so inspiring and has great ideas for creating opportunities for creativity as early as possible in your kids' lives. i bought her book, the creative family and am so looking forward to trying things out with ben as he gets a little older.

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