Friday, March 05, 2010

a park day

when ben and i have gone to the park in these first 8 1/2 months of his life, it's meant that he rode in his stroller as i walked around mill lake. today, i parked near a playground, brought a blanket. we went and sat.
we sit down (in the shade because ben's a little crazy about sun in his eyes and the shade was pretty cool - hence the touque) and ben starts flapping his arms excitedly, seeing all the kids playing. and for a few minutes, he just watched. then he started to crawl off the blanket until his hand touched the grass. that threw him off. he pulled his hand back like he'd touched something hot. then he reached out and touched it again, pulling at it. pretty funny.

then off to the swings.
got to keep an eye on those big kids...

but he LOVED swinging. he kicked his legs and squealed. he watched the other kids swinging. i'd grab his feet when i pushed him and he'd laugh and laugh.
i thought ben may be too little to appreciate a visit to the park but man, we will be back as soon as possible. i quite enjoyed myself as well.


dawn said...

That is so awesome! How fun that he is now old enough to start interacting with you and other kids in such a way that you can actually see his personality starting to shine! That is just way too cute! I love that you are sharing this with us!!!!

dawn said...

By the way...have you ever thought about getting Ben a pair of sunglasses?

theRachel said...

Love the pics of Ben enjoying himself at the park. Glad to hear you also enjoyed the park adventure!