Thursday, February 02, 2006

i only cried twice...

what a day. too much emotion -- i'm suprised certain kids are even alive still i was so upset with a couple of them. something i love about my principal though is that i can send students to him at anytime even when he's teaching. he teaches half-time gr. 6/7...from 11:30 - 2:40. but he's all over it, saying "they can work in my classroom" if they are misbehaving. it's nice to have that support and know that if you send a kid to him, he's not thinking, "gee, rebecca really can't handle her class." PLUS the guy has seen me cry SO often it's silly. today at the end of the day i was in his office to talk to him about science fair and he says, "how's your health?" and i just cried and cried about my students and frustrations. then of course when i go back to my classroom, another teacher comes and asks if i'm ok and how can i not cry again, right? being with kids all day is draining in itself but throw a Malcolm and Harry into the mix? you have a double cry at the end of the day. ha.

so i went to dance fit at JLF and danced it out to 80's for an hour. and now i'm going to my stage class.

tomorrow is PRO - D! thankgoodness.



Judy said...

first of all.. for the record, I only cried once today :)

second of all... who made that pathetic looking birthday cake?


ang said...

oh no, I'm so sad thinking about it. I cried just a few tears yesterday privately because a lady came in to the store with her beautiful baby boy, he was so smiley and cute. He had a little tube going into his nose and she told me he had cancer and isn't doing very well. I had to step in the back room for awhile after she left.

Matt said...

Who's that good looking man in the picture