Wednesday, March 15, 2006

an airport observation my airport travels yesterday...abbotford, calgary, and edmonton, here's only one of the many random thoughts that went through my head as i was watching people. when the airline person lets everyone know what they will be starting the PRE boarding -- people with kids, older people etc etc -- there is a large amount of people that stand up and move closer. no, they're not pre-boarding...they're just making everyone nervous. so by the time pre-boarding is over, there's this massive semi-circle of people staring at the airline person, daring them to start the regular boarding. and they do. well now, there's a mad rush as the semi-circle discintigrates towards the door and everyone who was resisting standing up at pre-borading is now racing to get in line. there is now, a long long line up of people.

why do i explain this to you? because i have nothing of interest to write about yet today? maybe so. BUT, the observation i will leave you with is this (read it slowly as though i am saying it to you): you all have tickets to get on the plane. there's no rush to stand in line holding your carryons when you could just wait in your comfy airport seat unti the line is gone. why are we rushing?



Sharelle said...

i agree wholeheartedly. i have always wondered this myself. if you are sitting there, waiting for the plane to board, whats the rush? do you have a fear that you might MISS it? do you want to sit on the plane for an extra 10 minutes - get your money's worth? i just sit there, and watch everyone panic. i think it is quite enjoyable. there is my rant on the subject. thanks for posting about seinfeld observations. it makes me happy.

Rachel j said...

I agree as well, friends. However, I had an interesting experience lately - I had to fly with my wedding dress as a carry-on. Is it ok that I pre-boarded with this..."for those of you travelling with children or carrying bridal gowns..." I just didn't want it to get squished. I can't wait to see you (& Lys) on Friday! YAY YAY YAY!

ang said...

I've been a witness to this as well. But sometimes you just don't get on the plane, sometimes you sit through the pre-boarding, the boarding, and then you sit through "Angela Haugo this is a final boarding call for Angela Haugo" You sit there right by the gate, and don't get on the plane, maybe you were sleeping, maybe just day dreaming but you have come from Sao Paulo, Brasil and you are sitting in Miami,waiting to fly to Colorado. sometimes you miss your flight, and you don't know why. I guess that is what everyone is afraid of.