Sunday, March 05, 2006

a pleasure to have in my class

this is me (pre-haircut) at my computer as i am right now.

yes, i am mid-report cards at the moment. i often underestimate how much time an activity will take me. this is a long standing problem i have had. BUT the good news is that i only have 10 more to go. no problem. i can do it. i thought i should take a little break here and post something. ha - what a reward for myself.

so remember the egg muffins? see a few posts back if not. well, i left the muffin pan caked with crusty egg remnants sitting in the sink "soaking" for a few days. i tried to ignore it but things with egg on them tend to make themselves known by smelling. i finally succumbed and tried to clean this pan. it was so much work and i finally took a metal scrubber thing and decided i didn't care about scratching the no-stick coating because it obviously doesn't work. i scrubbed and scrubbed and then put it in the dishwasher for good measure. it's still not totally egg free but i will NEVER make egg muffins again. what a pain. i wonder if they work in a cupcake paper?

the other night i ran out of popcorn and i decided that i had to have some. i usually get SmartPop by Orville at Walmart but Walmart is just not a "quick stop" so i went to Save On. having not recently bought popcorn at save on, i figured it would be in the "snacks" aisle with the chips and such. after wandering up that aisle in vain, i though, maybe the next aisle over with the pop. no. well maybe it was the next aisle over in the other direction. but it wasn't. i went up four aisles with no luck in finding any popcorn. it didn't make any sense. finally i found someone and asked them which aisle popcorn was in. "oh! it's in aisle 9 - right there" he says pointing to the "paper products, salad dressing, and cooking oils". riiiight...that makes sense.

i recently watched a few movies. on friday night with my sister in law Christine and her friend Amy i watched Just Like Heaven and In Her Shoes. Then yesterday i watched Proof with tim and today we watched Weather Man.
In Her Shoes: starring Cameron Diaz and Toni Colette as totally opposite sisters. very slow. good part for Diaz -- she did a pretty good job. interesting character development. it was okay.

Proof: starring Gwenyth as the daughter of a crazy genius mathmatician (Anothony Hopkins). also a slow movie. lots of gwenyth's flashbacks. i can see that taking care of someone who is mentally ill (especially a parent) would make you a little paranoid that you were too. lots of gwenyth screaming at people. that jake gyllenhal(sp?) is everywhere hey? it was decent but i wouldn't watch it again. disappointing ending.

Weatherman: Nick Cage. he plays depressing well. i wonder what he's like in real life. tim and i actually aren't finished this one yet. so's slow and depressing. the kid from about a boy plays his son FYI. maybe the ending will be the redeeming factor because so far, i'm not recommending it.

So, i'm really only giving a thumbs up to Just Like Heaven because i laughed outloud at a few parts and it's very light and fluffy. i also like reese. it's not that i don't like slow movies or anything -- about schmidt is one of my favs. these ones just weren't worth the slowness. like, in her shoes was over TWO hours long. it's just two long for what the movie was about.

i'm always up for recommendations in the movie department...

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