Wednesday, March 29, 2006

it's back...

wow. no blogging for over a week. it seemed like forever, right? haha. i guess there's some blogger bug that has been doing this and they're "working on it". but i got help and apparently we're back in business.

here's the re-cap:

spring break day one: hurt myself skiing

spring break week one: edmonton - this included alyssa, rachel, shopping, my aunt bonnie and cousin joel, and the walk-in clinic a couple times for my oozing sore.

spring break week two: just ladies fitness, just ladies fitness, just ladies fitness. i officially belong there. my new favourite thing? watchin what not to wear while on the elliptical. i don't get that channel at home!

back to school days 1 - 3: great. i'm am so refreshed. i'm actually suprised. i feel like the past three days have been the best days of my teaching career thus far and it's not like anything special has happened. just the same old same old but the kids are great - they make me laugh and i'm not worn out at the end of the day. it's been a good three days. i think this may be the first week that wednesday ended and i didn't think to myself, "only two more days of the week. i can make it." seems like spring break was forever ago.

i feel like my blog has been picture-less for too long. i can't even add any old pics though because tim's brother shaun recently revamped our computer and wiped everything off it. it's saved somewhere...just not here. please don't stop reading my blog - it'll get better. haha.


Rachel J said...

THANK GOODNESS! I missed you! Also, I'm so glad that you are feeling refreshed after spring break - you totally deserved it.

ang said...

i am so glad you are back! I have been checking everyday and being so sad to find nothing. I do have maybe 100,000 pictures. this weekend I took some modeling shots with some friends

Jamie said...

You are amazing.

hannah b. said...

bec, must admit - you're doing a good job keeping everyone updated on your life... hi hi hi.

Alyssa said...

Oh how I've missed this blog! I also checked every day and night to see if the blog was up yet.

It was great having you visit over spring break. Do you know that after you left I kept The Company for another week and watched the dance scenes over and over... I thought you'd think that was funny.

I'm glad to hear you are refreshed at work... I think it's about time I had a vacation. Today is the LAST DAY of my in-class training... starting next week my forecasts will start to count. Yikes!

Sharelle said...

I heart this blog. You give me hope that one day I will enjoy teaching, and have good spring breaks. hehe. Glad to hear it all went well.
And I think you should post more pictures so I can steal them.
Sort of.

Aaron Paton said...

Wow, a complete update on bec's life in 20 minutes or less.
Soon people won't have to talk to each other in person at all.

Bec, I hope your visit to Calgary was pleasureable and I'm sorry that I couldn't be here to meet you for steak and eggs in the morning.

Hello to all of you bloggers from highschool days. I see Rachel and Alyssa. Maybe an ang that I know, maybe a different ang, I don't know.

Is this how you're supposed to do this blogging thing? It's my first time.

Peace out to all,