Friday, March 10, 2006


yes. it is here. however, the weather isn't exactly convincing us that it's spring. yesterday morning, it was sunny in abbotsford and i left my house with only a puffy vest because it was so mild out. around recess, it started to snow. the flakes were HUGE. when the kids went outside at lunch time, there was enough snow on the ground for snowball fights and snowmen. WHAT? two hours and 40 minutes later when they left school, the only sign that there had been snow earlier was two large snowman-pieces left in the field. it was sunny and by the time i got home, the roads were dry. then, this morning i got up to go to work and there was snow on the ground in abbotsford. i put on a long sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt, a fleece, a jacket and went to school. by recess supervision, i was so hot that i wanted to take off my sweatshirt but the long-sleeved shirt that i was wearing underneath was one of those "only underneath" shirts so i couldn't. i've been so warm all day! i don't know...i'm a little confused about this whole spring thing. SO...i'm off to edmonton to aquaint myself with actual cold weather. ha. (the below picture is recess)

in my classroom, the kids have jobs, right? (thanks to james bisschop -- the supplier of all my "town" ideas) you remember the comment about the police officers giving me tickets for my messy desk? (see the poet tree post) well there's a mayor, city councillors, sanitation, recycling, parks and rec, unemployed, librarians, transportation, etc etc. the jobs switch every week and every friday is payday. we have paper money. the mayor is paid the most down to unemployed who get EI. at the end of the term we have an auction. today's auction was just so funny. last auction i got a bunch of things from the dollar store. this time i got a few things but kids had to bring an item to donate to the auction and then i also made a few coupons that they could buy. these coupons included "trade desks with mrs. shulba for one morning", "wear your hat in class for one day", "chew gum in class for one day", etc. well these were HOT ticket items. all items start at $2 and go up from there. some kids wait and wait for the item they want and then yell out their max. price. others bid on everything. the best was the "trade desks" coupon. i start the bidding at $2 and instantly, a kid yells out, "one hundred and fifty eight dollars!". no one tried to top that. haha. it was great. i can't wait until the next auction. i think i might do a silent auction. haha. yeah right.

here's some pics of me doing chapel the other day. i was pretending to do a card trick. i really had everyone going that my card trick was "failing" when really...i don't know any card tricks. the object lesson was that i'd read the beginning and the end of the card trick instructions but didn't read the complicated middle stuff. you have to do the hard work to get good results. i know...i know...very enlightening.

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