Thursday, March 16, 2006's cold here

i took a great ice picture yet to be uploaded...coming soon. something to look forward to as this particular post is not exactly what you would call "comment-worthy".

actually, i walked to where alyssa works yesterday. it was about a 20min walk and it was brisk. but i wore my longjohns under my pants and a couple layers of shirts and then just my puffy vest and i was fine. so if you're just wearing a puffy vest -- i guess that's not THAT cold, right? so no complaints here.

we're off to the classic edmonton destination tonight: West Edmonton Mall. of course i've been there a number of times and i really don't need to go shopping (good thing tim doesn't ever read my blog - haha) but i feel like it's the thing to do here. plus when it's a cold thursday don't really feel like walking down white ave. right? off to west ed we go.

so living with alyssa means learning about weather -- she does BC weather which is funny since she lives in edmonton. but here's an interesting fact about vancouver island's weather today straight from environment canada: there was a water spout off the coast of nanimo today -- that's a small tornado over water. crazy! and there was also lightning all over the island too.


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