Thursday, March 02, 2006

5 more work days until spring break...

the count down is on! tomorrow is a Pro-D day and usually we have a staff breakfast together at 8:00am then begin pro-d at 9:00am. well i finally convinced everyone that we should be sleeping in and getting to school at 9am not 8am. so no waffles for me tomorrow but at least i get an extra hour! NICE. here are some of us in the staffroom (giving you a picture to imagine us at pro d tomorrow)
from L to R: Melanie (kindergarten) John (principal) Geraldine (librarian) Me Bonnie (6/7)

it's been report card week this week and they are due to our principal on Monday morning. last reporting week i did all my report cards the weekend before they were due and man that was an awful weekend. so i'm pleased to say that i've been trying to do a little on them each day this week. even though "a little" means that i only have comments on 7 kids totally finished out of least that's better than having nothing. PLUS i have afterschool today (that's right now...i should be doing that instead of this) and after pro-d tomorrow. that's LOTS of time.

anyways, today was the Christian Schools Science Fair hosted by us and attended by only one other school. but hey, things have to start small sometimes, right? so anyways, 3 kids from each grade from each school. if you go back a little in my blog, you can see the beaver project? he won 1st for grade 4s. i was very excited for him as he's not the most academic kid. his mom was so stunned -- it was great. so that was the highlight for me today. but having this science fair PLUS so many sick kids made for an interesting day of uhh...not much work. in computer class (with my five 3/4s) it was games day so we're all playing solitaire including me (there aren't many options!) and the chairman of the board walks in to check something in the lab. i'm like, "uhh...this is our solitaire class." haha. i can just imagine at the next board meeting that my computer skills will come up. "why did we hire this girl as the computer teacher again?"

yeah. that's all for today. now i feel like i'm not living up to jack mann's expectations.


Rachel J said...

I think you are exceeding all of our expectations. I think you are definitely in "report card mode" after the comment you left on my xanga. I burst out laughing when I read it, MRS. SHULBA!

Yay for your spring break and you venturing east to Alberta...I'm already planning the meal for the night you ladies get here and what we'll do on the Saturday. Any requests of things you absolutely want to do in Calgary? I'll try to make them happen.

jack mann said...

Happy for beaver boy. He needs some points in the "win" column.

And you always meet expectations. 100%