Friday, March 31, 2006

a day on the playground

after that week of my blog being down, i thought i could handle anything. but now, i can't upload my pictures. WHAT??? i'm having a breakdown here. but this is what i wrote before i knew i wasn't going to be able to upload the corresponding pics (beside the ellen pic):

at school, each teacher takes their turn on supervision just as in many schools. this little school, we each have about 5 supervisions a week (as opposed to kara and james' once a week lax schedule!). i have gotten better at not having to plan during my recesses and lunches for the next block of the day so i'm not as stressed about having to go outside to supervise. haha.

now there's two sides to the playground. the school is in the middle. there's a playground with equipment and swings and such on one side of the school. then on the other side, there's a big huge field with goals for soccer plus a fenced in cement court for basketball or hockey. the latest thing there is to play four square in this painted circle on the ground. it's broken into quadrants and four people stand in their own section. the "server" throws the ball in and you can't let it bounce in your section more than once. you keep it up with your foot or legs but no hands allowed. great soccer skills. when one person gets out, they go to the back of the line and everyone moves over one quadrant and the person at the front of the line gets into the circle. pretty much the entire grades 5 - 7 kids including a smattering of grades 2 - 4 kids are in this area during recess and lunch.

why am i explaining this to you, you ask? WELL...because when i'm on supervision, that's where i am. there's this big line of kids to get into the circle and you wait and wait and then FINALLY you get in and bang. you're out. well...that's what happens to me. the other day i was out there on lunch duty and in 15 min i only got into the circle twice only to get "out" by the server throwing the ball into my quadrant and me miss it. lame.

but anyways, thought you all should know this little tidbit of playground life. perhaps you're thinking, "why isn't she walking around supervising?"

in other news...quote of the day from ellen degeneres:
"it is better to have danced and gotten whiplash then to have never danced before."

i'd like to dedicate this quote to my mom as it turns out she hates ellen dancing so much that she changes the channel at that part of the show if she's watching it. that makes me laugh.

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Anonymous said...

Just so you know. My schedule is not lax. I have three duties a week, plus I am now the grade seven badminton coach which is two after schools a week. Weren't you in badminton with me at Trinity? Good times.