Sunday, March 12, 2006

i take it back...

the "it's not really spring" comments from a couple posts ago. it was most definitely spring today. tim was wearing shorts and i was in capris. we went to stanley park and walked around the seawall. we drove down by WR beach to see the sunset before coming to my parent's for pizza night. beautiful beautiful day.

in other news...two more days until i'm in EDMONTON! no way! hi alyssa.


Anonymous said...

nice pix.


Sharelle said...

i hate that WR beach. in fact i never go there.
Not even to see TWU friends.
Of which I have two.
Nice to see you my dear friends...that brightened by day.

Alyssa said...

Your pictures always end up being my desktop at work... can't wait until you're here!

Rachel J said...'re coming to Alberta!!!! Any requests for things to do in Calgary?

Sharelle said...

also - i stole that picture for my blog. i figured, heck i was there -why not. hope this action does not offend.