Monday, March 13, 2006

cross country skiing's not for wimps

oh man. today tim and i went to cypress to do a little cross country skiing. for those of you who don't know, we borrow tim's parents stuff so that XC skiing is pretty darn cheap. and a great work-out. so we haven't gone all year since we bought our downhill stuff.

it was another GORGEOUS day. (see pics from last post for an idea) here we are skiing along and we think we're pretty good so we're doing the black diamonds (yes -- they have black diamonds in XC skiing) which are a really steep climb up so you're SWEATING and then a steep hill down which is totally insane on XC skis. they're just so different than regular ones. anyways...i'm sure i am foreshadowing here right?

i fell. i hate falling. but it wasn't just any fall. the very last run of the day, coming down the hill towards the parking lot. i must have been going 100 miles an hour (haha) on ice when i fell. i hit the ice but obviously am not stopping anytime soon. my fleece rides up and my side scrapes along the ice for a good 50m. ow. i'm saving you from seeing pics of this by not taking any. (if i had a pic it would surely be posted because i look really tough) huge bright red bloody mass of grossness above my hip. yuck. but i didn't cry. not until i was in the truck driving back down the mountain anyways.

so now i'm sitting typing this waiting for tim so we can start a movie and i have to have my shirt rolled up so that it's not touching my sore (which is like the size of my fist). yuck.

anyways...i'm going to edmonton TOMORROW! hi alyssa. hi rachel. rachel? i don't there are many options of "things to do in calgary" so no, i have no requests. on that note, i'd be pleasantly suprised if you proved me wrong. :)


jack mann said...

Oooo so sorry to hear about that. "The curse of the last run" That's when the big hurt happens. Have a great break in Eddy.

Rachel j said...

Oh, prove you wrong I will...I've got lots planned - homemade dinner for you and Alyssa on Friday night, breakfast at a neat diner the next morning, possible Saturday options: a japanese pottery store, the farmer's market, luging at COP, shopping (yay for just GST), walking 17th Ave, Kensington and Inglewood...ha, just kidding, we won't be able to fit all of that in, but some...we'll have a great time.

I am curious though, as to when your flight leaves on Sunday - will you lovely ladies be staying over here Saturday night as well? Can't wait to see you - bundle up!

Sharelle said...

i tell you my friend. you give people something to aspire to. perhaps one day, like you, i will teach, and then in my SPARE time, climb some mountains.
gosh - look at you.
and some travelling on the side.
its safe to say - i think you a star.

ang said...

ok I mostly got over to your blog today to say...I have no idea who my last two comments are from...I'm not sure I know a "jessica" and annonomus ending with an OXOX, I don't know. I also don't know how they would find me, except for the few people that link me from their blogs. Lach being one but it's weird. I'm going to stop telling the truth if my privacy keeps getting invaded!

eXtreme Sports said...

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