Tuesday, June 13, 2006


yes, there are many.

days until the last day of school (not including weekends): 8

days until my last day of work (not including weekends): 13

days until our new tenants move in: 16

days until we go to ontario: 18

days until my library books are due: 22

days until laura and conor's wedding: 31

days until my triathlon: 52

days until the beginning of the next school year: not desired to be known

if you have a countdown you would like to add...feel free.


Rachel said...

days since I quit working: 10 - loving it!

days until we take possession and move into our beautiful apartment: 16

days until maternity benefits kick in: 91

weeks until we meet our baby: 22

it's definitely a year of changes.

Bonnie said...

days until I am sitting on the beach at Lakeside - 5

days until Dan flies back to Switzerland - 2

days until I am in Ontario - 47

days until Joel leaves Edm on a road trip - 1

days since Rachel and Logan moved in with us - 4

days until we meet Rebecca's dad
(my brother) in the Edm airport for morning coffee - 3

days until all my Master's course assignments need to be done - 45

weeks until we meet our first grandchild - 22!!!

This is a great exercise - fun to see what great events are ahead. Thanks for getting us started!