Wednesday, June 14, 2006


first first: i bought fresh salmon steaks today to attempt to bbq for dinner tonight. tim's working on it right now.

second first: milk with dinner. this is a new regimen that i plan to start tonight. instead of a diet coke with my dinner, i will now be drinking a glass of skim milk.

third first: walking lunges. tonight at dance blast, we did walking lunges across the length of the studio. FOUR TIMES. and then, as if my glutes weren't in enough pain, we laid on our mats and lifted our butts to do more glute workout! i am literally barely walking now and am not sure how i'll be doing tomorrow.

fourth first: i made a friend at dance blast tonight! actually, we'd met before because she's the wife of a guy that tim plays hockey with but she was so fun. i hope she comes to dance blast every week.

fifth first: the Christian Schools Track Meet in abbotsford tomorrow! i don't have to drive into agassiz at all. i get to just show up at the field at 8:45am for the coach's meeting and greet my students when they get there. it's definitely going to be a crazy day tomorrow. i'm trying to think positively about it but the thoughts of some of my boys on the loose make me nervous!

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mrs.synchyshyn said...

so even though it was in a different post, I thought I'd comment here - I got 90% on the quiz! The only question I got wrong was about the origin of the hometown six - I went with Judy MacD. Oh well...